About Us

SIR, the umbrella brand of SEBA Kimya, met its consumers for the first time in 1989 by producing cream detergent, liquid dishwashing detergent, bleach and washing soda products in a 40m2 production area in Istanbul Rami. SEBA Kimya established a factory of its own in G.O.Paşa Industrial Estate in 1995, positioning the "SIR" brand as a roof brand and expanding its portfolio. In 1997, it started the production of small packaged products with the SIR brand for markets and gave dealerships throughout the country. The products of the Sır brand, which received great interest and appreciation from its consumers, enabled SEBA Kimya to move to its new factory established in 2005 in Tuzla Chemists Organized Industrial Zone with state-of-the-art equipment. Here, by following the latest trends in the world, the SIR brand gained its global identity and started its first exports to the Balkans.

In 2013, SIR was selected as “one of the most admired and preferred brands” by the All Consumer Protection Association. In line with the increasing demands for natural and environmental products, in 2020, the natural and plant-based SIR BIO series was launched and received great appreciation from consumers. In 2022, our PET WHITE brand entered the market by entering the pet care category. In addition to having well-known brands in the FMCG field, it has managed to become one of the most preferred companies in more than 40 countries around the world.

As Seba Kimya, it is to be a profitable and sustainable company where its shareholders, employees and customers are happy and proud by producing innovative products in the household cleaning and personal care products sector that make the life of the consumers easier and satisfied with their use.

As a Turkish company and brand established and managed with 100% domestic capital, it is our biggest goal to be a brand that is preferred, liked and loved by consumers around the world by producing products that respect the environment and human health.


• Quality
• Reliability
• Transparency
• Keeping loyalty, love, respect ahead in employee and customer relations
• To be respectful to the law, the individual, the society and the environment
• Being open to innovations in technology and the world.

“The prerequisite for being competitive and sustaining economic growth is possible with contemporary research and development activities.”

Our R&D studies on products and processes are summarized below:

  • New and Functional Product Development
  • New and Functional Packaging Development
  • Finding Alternative Raw Materials
  • New and Product Performance-Enhancing Process Research and Application
  • Reducing Cost and Increasing Process Capability
  • Product-Packaging Prototype Preparation
  • Product Packaging Pilot (Trial) Production
  • Aging and Performance Tests
  • Product/Raw Material/Packaging Specifications
  • Product Recipes
  • Analysis Methods

R&D activities are applied not only in the design of products and processes, but also in workforce management, sales and marketing, planning, distribution and cost-finance. In our R&D studies for our business and support processes, teams of experts are formed and basic research and applied development studies are carried out to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, speed and competitiveness of the processes.


• To be recognized as a good service and quality product provider with its products and technology, to follow technological developments for lower costs and higher efficiency,
• To be sensitive to customer needs and expectations, to ensure customer satisfaction in the national and international markets with this philosophy,
• To always keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by making quality and continuity in quality indispensable in the branding of our service,
• To bear the responsibility of achieving the goals as a team within the framework of our management strategy,
• To train our suppliers with the awareness of continuous development and improvement,
• To comply with national and international legal regulations, laws, regulations and other obligations related to Environment and OHS,
• To ensure the participation of employees and Employee Representatives, to consult with employees for the continuous development and sustainability of our Integrated Management System,
• To take relevant measures to reduce occupational and environmental accidents that may arise from its activities,
• To detect and eliminate unsafe situations and movements that may cause work accidents and occupational diseases, and possible accident risks by making an effective risk assessment,
• To take all kinds of measures in accordance with the OHS regulations and all other requirements to ensure the health and safety of our employees, Subcontractors, Visitors and our Company personnel working outside the workplace,
• Aiming at minimizing environmental impacts by consuming resources,
• While aiming to prevent pollution with proper disposal by ensuring that the wastes that are created or likely to arise during their activities are given to licensed recycling companies, to work for the development of environmental awareness and to contribute to the sustainability of environmental recycling,
• To train, raise awareness and observe its employees on Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety in order to achieve success and develop continuously,
• We have adopted the principle of continuously increasing the effectiveness of our Integrated Management System and we share this with you as our policy.

                                                                                                            GENERAL MANAGER
                                                                                                           Sebahattin AKTAŞ

In line with the goals and strategies of our company, to bring qualified workforce to the company, to contribute to the personal and professional development of our employees, to increase their job satisfaction,
To create a talented and motivated employee base.

We try to create a working environment where all our employees have equal opportunities without discrimination. The health and safety of our employees is important to us. For this reason, we take all measures to provide a healthy and safe working environment.

We have an objective and fair system for evaluating the work performance of our employees. When evaluating the job performance of each of our employees, we consider how well they do their jobs and what their potential is. We use performance evaluation to help our employees achieve their goals and contribute to their personal and professional development.